That’s a good one about Gen X. I can’t decide wether I should bring it all to it’s crumbling end quickly or point and laugh a little longer. I’m getting a little too old to enjoy watching others suffer though. Especially in a bio war. Those millennials did not see it coming. How could they have. We didn’t see 9/11 and the NSA making it’s way up our ass until it was too late. I have sincere pity for all those college aged friends dropping dead and paralyzed by war. We just had to get around some stupid fuckn bullies. They have been raped and murdered en masse. At least Clinton, Gates and Epstein tried to hide it when they were raping our generation. Now it’s a public rape display in plain sight. No consequences for the known perpetrators. I do indeed have much better shit to do than save the world from itself. Still hurts to watch though. Does that make me a “good person”?

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You usually give us a happy ending with a cute animal photo.

The hedgehog one reminds me of my young self when I used to, all the time, move the speech therapist sign around to read "speech the rapist".

Never stopped being hilarious to me.

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Even my awokened family members have humoured me over the last two years with my photo diary of the sky graffiti. And when I said the dusks are now orange because they’re releasing sulphur of some sort, they laughed.


Sulphur particles.

I hate that I’m right. But this confirms my findings that the oak trees are experiencing browning of leaves in the spring and summer is as a result of acid rain (from sulphur). And even v hardy gorse had die back.

Guess I was right too at the start of the mask ‘strong suggestion’ from Govn’t that the response from others to my unmasked face was just like the Star in Germany.

All I can say: I wish I wasn’t right that this is a well planned and orchestrated depop plan from the Malthusian eugenicists.

I hope they hang them high. Johnson who thinks he didn’t break the rules having birthday drinks during lockdown.

Hancock who used tax payers money to buy a company supplying Midazalam. Aka racketeering. Hancock who made his relatives, friends and publican millionaires through giving them PPE contracts. And Hancock the eugenicist killer who DECIDED TO KILL THE FRAIL. I wish I wasn’t right about that especially so. FYI I have been posting on UK’s T4 Programme since April 2020! Hancock who has released a film to make his illegal euthanasia crimes legal. May he and the med teams and care homes that went along with Midazalam morphine DNARs all be prosecuted and jailed.

As for my future wish,

I wish my grandchildren can grow up free to think any way they want. And enjoy any hobby they want. Without restrictions. And I pray that through divine intervention, and inspiration to all the truth tellers, that justice will prevail.

G*d save the people. And May the king go straight to where he belongs —- to hell!

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still trying to get that hair off my screen! well, at least it wasn't a hare 😜

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Excellent stuff Ray and I couldn't agree more!

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I LOVE this article Ray! I started getting angry when you listed all the bs TPTB declared.

We lost our jobs. But, no jabs or flu shots. I’m grateful for my intuition, given by God my Father.

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