I like that guy! He's my kind of rebel, lol.

I've only watched a bit of it, gotta go have my walkies, but I'll try to watch the rest in a while.

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first time i have seen Chris Sky. He rather embodies the notion that we create our own reality. He makes it real with his no-nonsense non-compliant way of being. I enjoyed feeling 'in on' the banter of their commonly held truths , the felt solidarity implicit in Chris being interviewed by Tommy...both in front line, speaking loud, negotiating the diabolical targeting of self and their families...by the criminal justice systems previling!, (prevailing) in Uk, Canada, the world over.

its a shame Tommy is so vilified... as if 'far right' nutter. He is constantly under threat of violence from 'muslim' nutters...he has to stand up for himself in ways we cant quite imagine...he deserves our support as much as Chris

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